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How to Use Google Search Console to Improve SEO in 2019?

by lalmi, 1 year ago
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Do you have a website and wondering how it is doing in Google?

Google Search Console recently had a facelift that makes it less geeky (there is still enough geek in there for the hardcore SEO), new reports, and a historical look back stretching for almost two years.

If you are going to garner more impressions from Google Search, it is imperative that you look into SEO and finding out how to optimize your website. This task used to be more complicated, and with the recent updates from Google, we are seeing more useful features that allow us to make an impact on our search engine positions.

The Overview Page

This page is going to tell you the last 90 days of analytics, coverage issues in Google Search, and Enhancements. The overview page is going to contain all the information most website owners are going to use to optimize their technical SEO and determine any ranking blockage is preventing Google from finding your website.

The Coverage Report

This is a new one that inspects individual pages on your site and provides actions to fix technical SEO. These actions could be the incorrect implementation of professional SEO, errors appearing on specific web pages, and anomalies that might require a deep-dive SEO Audit to evaluate.

What is more interesting is these reports are beneficial as they compound over time giving you full visibility if you are fixing the coverages issues or if they continue to persist.

What is also unique is the drill-down into the URLs in this report. There are a couple of options that are included to evaluate how an exact web page is performing in Google.


For too long now we had generic notifications to issues with mobile pages. What is also new with the enhancement report is Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) reports. This report is not unlike the coverage report, but it is specific to critical objectives that can harm your user experience and ultimately produce a weak performance on Google Search.

The AMP is handy since this is a standard that Google created and switching web pages over to AMP pages is going to help with the overall performance of your website in Google.

Performance Report

This is going to be the most useful report inside of Google Search console for many people. It does not require technical knowledge of SEO to determine how well you are performing, how specific campaigns are working for SEO, and it allows for exports of keyword data from your website into a Google Sheet or CSV file.

It is hard to explain the utility of this report without physically going in and doing it yourself. This is where this video is going to tremendously helpful to gain these insights and determine how to optimize your web pages.

This is an essential feature that can help improve your positions in Google. Find out more by reading the blog here:

Here are some links if you want to follow and learn more about SEO from Zima Media:

Data from courtesy of Adam Kemp:
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